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Galapagos Sponsors

Galapagos relies on advertisers and sponsors to maintain its information services. We are grateful to those organizations that have backed our work and helped support and grow Galapagos Our sponsors operate under environmental and socially responsible policies.

Carbon Offset – Be Green – Be Positive

Galapagos is working closely with CanopyCo to carbon offset everything that it does. CanopyCo is an organization based in Ecuador and managed by local and European professionals. Canopyco’s exception program works with the local indigenous community to reforest Ecuador’s native forests.

We work with CanopyCo, an Ecuadorian based organization dedicated to reforesting Ecuador’s native forests

Along with CanopyCo, the carbon footprint of Galapagos has been carefully calculated. The entire operation has been included from the bus rides that the Galapagos' staff takes to the office to the electricity used in the computers.

CanopyCo has worked out how many trees we need to plant to absorb the carbon dioxide emissions using UK and USA government standards. Rest assured that everything we do is included to offset our emissions. Indeed, we have gone even further. We always make sure that we plant extra trees making Galapagos not just CARBON NEUTRAL but actually CARBON POSITIVE!

As part of the Galapagos community, Galapagos encourages all visitors to the Galapagos to be environmentally responsible. We encourage travelers to select a Galapagos tour operator that offers carbon neutral cruises.

We invite you to join us in our bid to protect the environment. Please make sure you choose a carbon neutral agency and carbon neutral trip. You can even offset your own trip and flights directly from as little as $10. Simply use the CanopyCo link to find out more and help save the planet. The world will thank you!!!!!

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