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Galapagos Conservation Trust

CanopyCo - Reforesting Ecuador with your help!

CanopyCo - ReforestationcanopyCo - Carbon Offsets

To further our green initiative, Galapagos is pleased to now be able to receive on-line contributions on behalf of CanopyCo for carbon offsets.

Payments can be made through PayPal; please follow the link below.

CanopyCo is a local carbon offsetting organization that plants native trees to absorb carbon dioxide emissions associated with tourist travel to Ecuador and to reestablish forest ecosystems.

With each payment, CanopyCo will automatically send you a complementary carbon offset certificate by email (as per your PayPal account name). For updates regarding CanopyCo’s activities please visit their blog (link

Hilton Colon Quito - Restaurant Hilton Colon Quito - Restaurant Hilton Colon Quito - Restaurant

Below are some suggested contributions to carbon offset the average return flight emissions*.

Countries / Continents Offset Carbon Dioxide Emissions Offset all Greenhouse Gas Emissions**
Ecuador - Galapagos

In addition to reforestation, CanopyCo uses some of the funds received to manage long-term development projects within the local community;
Projects under development are:

    1. Establishing local tree nurseries to provide alternative incomes for the communities that manage them.
    2. Scientific research into the reproduction of native tree species and improved methods for habitat reforestation.
    3. Environmental Education programs that run in conjunction with local organizations to teach the next generation the benefits or protecting the environment.
    4. Teaching sustainable agricultural techniques to allow farming communities to work their land efficiently and eliminate the necessity for further forest clearing.
    5. The creation of biogas units to capture animal methane for cooking; this reduces dependence on ever more expensive natural gas, benefiting the atmosphere and local families.

CanopyCo and Galapagos, as well as the beneficiaries of Ecuador's native forests; the climate, the community and the stunning fauna and flora are grateful for your collaboration.

* This information was compiled by averaging the flight emissions data from major cities in each of the countries/continents.
**When flying, not only carbon dioxide is emitted but also other damaging greenhouse gases. The carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) of these emissions is estimated as a factor of between 2 and 4 by the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC); we have applied the average of 3 to our data.
***Minimum contribution.

Hilton Colon Quito - Restaurant Hilton Colon Quito - Restaurant

Visit CanopyCo - Reforesting Ecuador's web page

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