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Certified lesbian/gay friendly tour services

On some products displayed on our site you will find the Rainbow Flag (). This means that these products are certified lesbian/gay-friendly Galapagos tour services. That certification corresponds to listings such as the International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association (IGLTA) and other travel specialist sources.

"Hi Lilian! Just got back from our Legend cruise and just wanted to say how impressed we were with everything! So thanks for all you help in the booking and organizing process!", E.Ashwell, UK.
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Please feel free to inquire about the different tour options and charters in the Galapagos Islands that are certified lesbian/gay-friendly:

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Some family-friendly Galapagos services

Cormorant Catamaran

Cormorant Catamaran
16 passengers

***** Luxury Class
From: $2,940 (4d/3n)
From: $3,965 (5d/4n)
From: $6,235 (8d/7n)

Brand new, Super introductory prices
Athala Luxury Yacht - Galapagos Cruise

Athala Motor Catamaran
16 passengers

***** Luxury Class

From: $4,495 (6d/5n)
From: $5,245 (8d/7n)

Go further, visit more islands and cruise faster than any other boats in it's size
Ocean Spray - Mega Catamaran

Ocean Spray Mega Catamaran
16 passengers

***** Luxury Class
From: $2,935 (4d/3n)
From: $3,965 (5d/4n)
From: $6,235 (8d/7n)

The ultimate Galapagos Experience
Queen of Galapagos Catamaran - Galapagos Cruise

Queen of Galapagos Catamaran
16 passengers

**** First Class
From:$2,295(4d/3n )
From:$2,695(5d/4n )
From:$4,095(8d/7n )

One of the most elegant and comfortable catamaran cruises in Galapagos.
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