Located in the Province of Tungurahua in the foothills of the majestic Tungurahua Volcano.  The full […]
Galapagos Conservation Trust Supported In the mythical Galapagos Islands, what challenges does the unique wildlife face […]
Gravel crunches under feet as a group of tourists follows the trail up to the corral […]
snorkeling galapagos underwater ecuador wildlife
The Galapagos Sea Lion is the largest earth mammal of the Enchanted Islands, and probably the […]
blue footed booby birds galapagos ecuador hotels cruises travel vacations
There are three species of booby resident in the Galapagos Islands; none is endemic. Boobies are […]
Many resident shore birds of the Galapagos are now sufficiently different from mainland species to have […]
amazon jungle lodge ecuador galapagos islands travel tour vacations
9 countries. 1.2 billion acres. 20% of the world’s oxygen. Over 10 million species of animals, […]
Galapagos Snake Species The Galapagos Islands is a magical place that welcomes many species, the majority of them […]
With diversity being one of Ecuador´s outstanding traits, your perfect, unique and unforgettable trip is waiting […]
The Galapagos Islands make up one of Ecuador’s 24 provinces.  The islands became a province on […]
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