Galapagos Guide

Ecuador & The Galapagos Islands

The continental mainland is crossed by the Andes Mountains and bordered by Peru and Colombia and the Pacific Ocean. The insular territory includes the unique Galapagos Islands.

In this country, you can find a diversity of climates to enjoy from the snow of the Andes to the paradisiacal beaches and the mysterious jungles of the Amazon Jungle.

The Best Time to Visit the Galapagos

While some will argue that the best time to visit the Galapagos is anytime, there are two distinct seasons that coincide with the tides and currents blowing through.  Both have their advantages depending on what your interests are:  The warm season starts in December and goes through May and the dry season goes from May to December.  

How to Get to The Galapagos Islands

Knowing how to get to the Galapagos Islands is really easy, and with the help of this article you will know how to plan your journey to a fantastic vacation.

When traveling to Galapagos, first of all,  is important to consider that they are 600 miles off the coast of South America, therefore, and as a protected National Park, there are restrictions for incoming flights.

A Guide to Puerto Ayora

I love towns like Puerto Ayora; large enough and with enough visitors that you continually meet new people but small and laid-back enough that you never feel stressed. Puerto Ayora is the still quite sleepy little capital of Santa Cruz Island. There are a few pickups rolling sedately along well-paved streets, some mopeds and motorbikes either parked up or buzzing around and a combination of islanders and tourists strolling the sidewalks. Not to mention a basking sea lion or two on the Malecon benches.

A Guide to Puerto Baquerizo Moreno

The understated beauty of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno has cast many a spell over her beguiled visitors, a more idyllic little port town would be hard to find in Ecuador. Drawing confidence from naturally beautiful surroundings and her status as the capital of Galapagos Province, Baquerizo is a great place to chillax in comfort.

A Guide to Puerto Villamil

There are no beach hawkers here, yet. No tuk-tuks and informal sellers. But you may be accosted – by local children wanting to show you the way to your hotel or their mom’s café. Even by Galapagos standards, Puerto Villamil is remote; it is the farthest settlement from the Ecuadorian mainland and if you consider sailing westward you’d better be well prepared because as land fades from sight your next stop is the Marquesas Islands some 4,000 miles away. To put that into context New York is closer to Poland.

Galapagos Wildlife Viewing Calendar: Mammals & Reptiles

It’s a commonly asked question: When is the best time to go to Galapagos? There are many answers, depending on what you want out of your Galapagos trip. If you want to see the reptiles and mammals that the Galapagos Islands are famous for, you may want to consult this calendar to help you plan your trip.

Just like the birds, the mammals and reptiles in Galapagos follow certain cycles of breeding, feeding, mating and other life functions. These behaviors vary during different times of the year and also from island to island.

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