Among parent’s least favorite children’s expression: “Mum/Dad, I’m bored”. It makes us feel guilty and concerned […]
In the middle of the Galapagos Islands coat of arms is the image of a tortoise, […]
Las Tintoreras. Such a small location but such huge biodiversity! Typical of Ecuador of course, as it’s the […]
royal frigatebird galapagos hotel cruises vacations travel birds wildlife ecuador
When is a Royal magnificent? We’re not talking about some stand-out European prince or princess here […]
landscape giant tortoise green sea tortoise blue footed booby birds galapagos ecuador hotels cruises travel vacations
If you think the Galapagos Islands must have a typical tropical climate because they are on […]
galapagos mammals orca whale hotels cruises vacations travel
Close encounters of the fearless kind, this is perhaps one of the strongest impressions that many […]
extreme sports ecuador adventure travel
So now you’re bones are being jarred to extreme limits as the long wheel base Land […]
whale shark diving galapagos islands hotels cruises travel adventure underwater
“Best kept secret about the Galapagos” offered my Galapagos guide friend, and it’s true, Galapagos diving […]
floreana tortois galapagos travel vacations wildlife conservancy
Resurrecting dead creatures may be a nightmare from the realms of pure science-fiction but a new […]
peru as a travel destination
So you’re thinking about travelling around the world to come and visit the Galapagos Islands and as memorable […]
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