The Galapagos Islands attract thousands of visitors every year, and nearly all of them are equipped with cameras.  This is not surprising since the Galapagos Islands are a world-class photography destination for professional and amateur nature photographers . Here are some tips for photographing your once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Galapagos. 1. Schedule a combination cruise/land […]
It’s a commonly asked question: When is the best time to go to Galapagos? There are many answers, depending on what you want out of your Galapagos trip. If you want to see the reptiles and mammals that the Galapagos Islands are famous for, you may want to consult this calendar to help you plan […]
Among parent’s least favorite children’s expression: “Mum/Dad, I’m bored”. It makes us feel guilty and concerned at the same time. But you’ll never hear that cry from the heart if you take a Galapagos family vacation which is perfect for keeping children of all ages fascinated, energized and never bored. Your kids will have a […]
Of all the sea animals perhaps sea lions are the most playful and the Galapagos Sea Lion is no exception. If you wanted to throw an imaginary animal party then sea lions would be close to top of your guest list; they are just so much fun! Of all the animals that create a Galapagos memory mosaic […]
If you think the Galapagos Islands must have a typical tropical climate because they are on the Equator then think again. In fact, if you don’t like the heat at all then consider coming in August the ‘coldest’ month of the dry season in the Galapagos when temperatures can dip down to remind you of […]
“Best kept secret about the Galapagos” offered my Galapagos guide friend, and it’s true, Galapagos diving is often completely overlooked by many travellers because there’s just so much to see and do on the actual islands. But just this summer back in July 2017 experienced divers voted on a specialist dive website that the Galapagos […]
The Galapagos Islands are one of the most fascinating and mesmerizing places on earth. Volcanic islands, growing out of the ocean and being home to fascinating species such as playful sea lions, fearless birds with blue or red feet – our boobies, diving Iguanas and many more. Each island looks different, inhabits different flora and […]
Trekking the Enchanted Islands There is so much to see in the Galapagos that you could spend the entire day the without getting bored! So why not just do so? Grab your backpack, a water bottle, a pair of comfortable shoes, sunscreen and start wandering around the Galapagos Islands. However, don’t forget that not all […]
Did you know about the huge size of the Galapagos Marine Reserve? Its total area is of 133,000 sq. km., which is almost the size of Louisiana. In the other hand, the islands that comprise the Galapagos National Park cover just a small area of 8,000 sq. km. of wonders and uniqueness. Therefore, most of […]
A “must-visit destination,” “undiscovered gem,” “expert pick”—these are some of the descriptions travel pros are using to shine a light on one of the globe’s best-kept secrets: Ecuador. The country has seen a boom in tourism over the last decade as more and more visitors fall in love with its rich indigenous culture, colonial mountain […]
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