Coming to the Galapagos Islands is generally A Once in a Lifetime Holiday.  It´s important to make some crucial decisions about your dream vacation, and many people think that booking their cruise or tour separately from their flights is an ideal way to save money:  but this isn´t true at all!

Here´s why:


Most tour companies and reputable agencies in the Galapagos work strictly with one air operator. They tend to book all of their passengers on the same flight from the mainland.  By doing this, several important tasks get accomplished:  The cruise will wait for all of the passengers in case of any type of delay in the flight, and they can generally get discounted rates on the flights as they have agreements with the airline.  Passengers who book their own flights run the risk of missing their cruises, and paying higher prices!

No one likes to have long lengthy airport layovers, no matter what the destination!  There´s an important timing factor, however, when it comes to Galapagos:  The flights leaving from mainland Ecuador leave only in the morning.  The safest bet for these connections is to arrive to the city of Guayaquil or Quito at least 24 hours before your flight to the Galapagos.  This way, not only can you enjoy a day (or more) on the mainland of Ecuador, but you also guarantee that you ´ll be at the airport on time to catch your flight to the Galapagos. You can find out what amazing options there are for mainland tours

It just makes good sense:
It just makes good sense to book your flights and tour together through a professional and respected tour agency.  Destination experts can provide tourists with answers to all of the questions they may have, and provide extra assistance along the way.

Wouldn’t your trip be much more stress free if someone met you at the airport? Told you where to check in your luggage?  Had your special Galapagos transit card form filled out for your advance, and offered expert advice and tips throughout the stages of your trip: from “just an idea” to the reality of your dream coming true!  Help us change your dreams into a reality.