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Charles Darwin Galapagos Adventure

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Charles Darwin Beagle Itinerary
Charles Darwin Galapagos Adventure

“In a few days time the Beagle will sail for the Galapagos Islands. I look forward with joy and interest to this, both as being somewhat nearer to England and for the sake of having a good look at an active volcano.”

– Charles Darwin , letter to J.S. Henslow, July 12, 1835.

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New Marine Sanctuary in the Galapagos Marine Reserve

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 mantarray galapagos diving The Galapagos Marine Reserve is the second largest marine reserve in the world and protects one of the planet’s most unique and most unusual marine ecosystems.  With an area of 133,000 km2 (51,000 mi2) the Galapagos Marine Reserve is nearly half the size of the total land area of Ecuador.

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Tortoises back habitat

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galapagos tortoise    After remaining for a period of 51 years in captivity at “Fausto Llerena Breeding Center”, five male tortoise returned to their natural habitat in the Island of Santa Cruz in the Ecuadorian archipelago of Galapagos. This was informed by the Galapagos National Park, in charge of the conservation and welfare of the natural habitat of the Islands.

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Panecillo the Virgin that Admires Quito

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Panecillo in Quito One of the most noteworthy landmarks in Quito is the Panecillo. This 200-metre-high hill is crowned with a 45-metre-tall statue of the Virgin Mary who overlooks the historic centre of the city. The hill was the site of an indigenous temple of sun before the Spanish destroyed it during the conquest of the region. The name “panecillo” means “small bread roll” in Spanish.

The iconic statue of the Virgin was inaugurated in 1976. Spanish artist Agustín de la Herrán Matorras was commissioned by the religious order of the Oblates to build a 45-metre-tall stone monument of a madonna which was assembled on a high pedestal on the top of Panecillo.

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Galapagos Adventure over the Winter Break

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galapagos-adventure-350 A visit to the Galapagos over the holidays during the warm season is an experience to be talked about for years to come. December and January mark the beginning of the Warm season throughout the archipelago. Sunny skies and calm waters are interrupted by afternoon showers that liven up the landscape and bring new tides and wildlife to the turquoise waters.

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