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How to Choose a Tour for Ecuador and the Galapagos?

1-cruise-train-350 When choosing a tour for Ecuador and the Galapagos it’s important to understand the options available for your journey.  The country is incredibly diverse, with the Galapagos, the Andes, and the jungle within a day’s journey from the capital, Quito.

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Galaven Expedition Yacht

The Galaven is the perfect cruise choice for Galapagos Island travelers on a mid-range budget. This 88-foot motorized yacht, outfitted for 20 passengers, has luxurious details for an economical fare. Throughout the ship, high-polished wood trim and wood floors gleam. The intimate indoor sitting area includes a library with TV and DVD player for daily presentations by the two bilingual national park naturalist guides. The spacious eating area allows comfortable dining with stunning views of the Galapagos archipelago.

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Lost year appeal – Preservation Project

The Galapagos tortoise is so impressive and so strong, but so fragile during their first years of life, which is also known as the “Lost Years”.

During this period the tortoises are more endangered especially against those threats posed by invasive species introduced by humans, particularly feral pigs and fire ants.

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Ecuadorian Cuisine Delights

Colada-morada-guagua-350 Ecuador is a gastronomic paradise.  From the Andes to the coast, there are so many tasty dishes.  Ceviche is one of the most famous.  There are several ways to prepare this dish, and the recipes vary from one region to another, but it is more or less a type of soup made from the juices of citrus fruits, shrimp, fish (or both), and cilantro. 

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The Warm Season in the Galapagos

Albatros mother With the passing of the New Year, the animals of the Galapagos start to nest, lay eggs and preform their mating rituals.  Use our guide of the natural calendar in the islands over the winter holidays to see the animals of the archipelago during their prime.

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