The Galapagos Islands, a fragile ecosystem far out to sea, are particularly vulnerable to climate change. […]
The Galapagos Islands have always provided a challenge to ecologists who want to preserve them but […]
Those responsible for the care of the Galapagos Islands have gotten serious about their upkeep. Recently, […]
In Galapagos, the two main industries are tourism and fishing…and they do not always get along […]
Lonesome George, the last of his Giant tortoise species, has died at the Charles Darwin Research […]
She always comes at night. Her victim is in a deep sleep on the military-style cot. […]
Everyone knows the sad story of Lonesome George, last of the Pinta Island Giant Galapagos Tortoises. […]
The history of Galapagos is unique and intriguing: from geological chaos that created the islands, to […]
The HMS Beagle, with a young Charles Darwin on board, only spent about five weeks in […]
Galapagos is full of dazzling wildlife not found anywhere else: Giant tortoises Darwin’s famous finches and […]
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