whale shark diving galapagos islands hotels cruises travel adventure underwater
“Best kept secret about the Galapagos” offered my Galapagos guide friend, and it’s true, Galapagos diving […]
peru as a travel destination
So you’re thinking about travelling around the world to come and visit the Galapagos Islands and as memorable […]
bartholomew bartolome galapagos volcanic formation how were geology
The Galapagos Islands were created by volcanoes over the course of ages, born of the fires deep within […]
Tower Amazon Jungle Ecuador forest sunset sky
A wonder of nature One of the four worlds that Ecuador has to offer is the […]
ecuador coast andean sunset vacations travel tour river
Ecuador is such a diverse country, it offers you way more than just a regular holiday experience. […]
Since the predominant religion in Ecuador is Catholicism, the traditional Easter holiday is far more religious […]
The Galapagos Islands, a fragile ecosystem far out to sea, are particularly vulnerable to climate change. […]
The Galapagos Islands have always provided a challenge to ecologists who want to preserve them but […]
In Galapagos, the two main industries are tourism and fishing…and they do not always get along […]
Lonesome George, the last of his Giant tortoise species, has died at the Charles Darwin Research […]
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