When planning your next trip, safety is always a top priority. When you travel to the Galapagos Islands you can feel confident that you will always be taken care of as well as that you’re experiencing one of the most magical places in the world.

The Galapagos is One of the Safest Places to Visit in the World

The Galapagos Islands are located about 600 miles (~1,000 kilometers) off the coast of Ecuador, in South America. Ever since their origins, they have been very isolated from the rest of the world. Even now, with travelers arriving regularly, the number of visitors is limited.

Since the Islands are unlike any other place on the planet, the Galapagos National Park authorities have the very important job of protecting and preserving the fragile ecosystem as the beauty and health of the islands are always kept a priority.

Due to these great conservation efforts, Galapagos has remained a place that is safe for travel, due to its isolation, limited visitors, and pristine environment, as we want to preserve the natural beauty and way of life to inspire future generations.

Galapagos and Emergency Situations

During any worldwide or local emergency (like the coronavirus in Ecuador) the health of the Islands are always a priority. Due to their importance, if there is any emergency happening, the Galapagos can be quickly evacuated in order to preserve their well-being.

Galapagos Travel Center continuously works with the local community providers in order to give our travelers an unforgettable experience when they are in Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. 

We take extra precautions during all emergencies and follow the protocols set by the Ecuadorian Government and the Galapagos National Park.

Safety in Ecuador

Staying safe in Ecuador is a common concern for most travelers. However, Ecuador is no more dangerous than any other place you travel in the world. When you’re here, practice normal safety precautions as you would anywhere, including first world countries, like those in Europe.

Be sure to not flaunt your valuables and avoid areas that do not feel safe based on your comfort levels.

Be sure to enjoy yourself when you’re here, most locals really do want to show you how beautiful their country is without you being afraid because of preconceived notions.

Small Local Galapagos Boats V Large International Cruise Ships

In the Galapagos there are only small local boats that allow travelers to explore the Islands. Those large cruise ships that carry thousands of passengers all squished together don’t exist here. 

Those large international cruise ships usually carry over 5,000 people in one trip, including the crew, whereas the small boats in Galapagos carry an average of 16-32 passengers and 10-20 crew members, depending on the yacht.

With smaller boats, there’s smaller risk for passengers; less people means less contact with others, and you will get more personalized service from the crew.

When large events happen, people are usually told to avoid cruises altogether, but this general statement forgets the existence of smaller local boats, which are safer for travel.

Additionally, while large cruise ships have international crews that travel from many different countries, Galapagos boat tour crews are made up of only people from the Islands and a few from the mainland of Ecuador. 

Galapagos Travel Center wants to give all travelers the best experience while respecting the locals from the Islands. When you book a tour with us, you can be sure that you are supporting the local communities and its inhabitants while preserving the ecosystems of the Islands.

Facts About Galápagos

Why Pick the Galapagos Islands to Travel

The Galapagos Islands have one of the most pristine and probably the most well preserved ecosystems on the planet. There is nowhere else in the world like it.

The stunning other-worldly landscapes look as if they are from another planet, since the Islands are so young when compared to other land masses. When exploring the Galapagos, it’s so easy to spot the native wildlife as they are fearless of humans.

It also houses one of the world’s largest marine wildlife reserves where visitors can swim in crystal clear blue waters with creatures that are unique only to the Galapagos Islands.

Some of these incredible species that you’ll see on land and in the water, which you can’t find anywhere else on the planet include marine iguanas, the Galapagos giant tortoise, the Galapagos penguins, and many more.

Bonus, since the Islands are located right on the equator, the weather is beautiful year round, and there is amazing animal activity every day.

When you take a trip to the Galapagos Islands, we guarantee it will be a trip you’ll never forget.

Start chatting with one of our expert trip advisors today so we can plan your perfect personalized Galapagos vacation.

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