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9 countries. 1.2 billion acres. 20% of the world’s oxygen. Over 10 million species of animals, plants and insects. The figures are outstanding and quite frankly overwhelming.

There is no doubt that the Amazon rainforest is a place like no other and Ecuador’s Amazonia offers it’s very own taste of this captivating abundance of flora and fauna.

The interesting Flora and Fauna in the Amazon Jungle gives the impression of living in a paradise. Practically with every step a new species of plant is revealed. Half the world’s species of plant including exotic species of trees, flowers, herbs and spices such as the Yuca root, cinnamon and orchids, that provide the base for many medicines, foods and decorations can be enjoyed in their natural environment.

While the flora provides the backdrop to this Amazonian experience, mammals, birds and insects play above, below and alongside you as you journey through the rich jungle. Fifteen types of primates call the Ecuadorian Amazon Jungle home, swinging from tree to tree, as birds representing half of South American avifauna fly overhead. TheAmazon River Dolphin swims the streams, as jaguars and white lipped peccaries hide in the dense forest.

Click eA journey to the Amazon Jungle is a discovery of the senses as the cries of howler monkeys, fragrant plants, colourful birds and unusual flavours merge to offer an experience like you have never known. As you divulge into the wild, what better way to experience the Amazon Jungle than from a Jungle Lodge? Contact Galapagos Travel Center today to book this your place in a lodge, hidden under the rainforest canopy, providing the perfect base for your exploration of the Flora and Fauna in the Amazon Jungle

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