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Galapagos Islands Budget Cruises

For those who do not want to sell the farm to see the Galapagos, we offer a selection of budget-class yachts. After all, the incredible flora and fauna are the same no matter what you pay for your boat.

Our budget boats tend to have smaller cabins, less common space, and provide less deck space. However, they allow travelers to get to know each other quite well. The guides on an economic-class boat are less knowledgeable than the those of the more expensive vessels. While trained and licensed by the Galapagos National Park, they are less likely to speak more than basic English.

We have selected some boats with solid reputations in the Galapagos, both in accommodations and services. All of the boats are high quality among their class. Be aware though, that service is not always consistent at this price level. Note that in the Galapagos, winds are very light, and sailboats generally only fly their sails a total of a few hours in the entire cruise - for show.

The below 3 cruises matched your search criteria.


Boat Pass. Recommended * Accom.. Itinerary. Service Days. Price from
Darwin 16 pax. ✔✔✔
4 Days US$ 1,125
Golondrina 16 pax. ✔✔✔
4 Days US$ 1,222
Danubio Azul Naturalista 10 pax. ✔✔
4 Days US$ 1,935
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