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In some ways, life in the Amazon rainforest continues just as it did a millennia ago. Both light and time seem unable to penetrate the near hermetic canopy of towering trees sewn together with vines and moss.

From ancient bird-eating spiders to endemic monkeys that can sit on your fingertip, to thousand year old indigenous tribes still hunting with blowguns and spears, the Amazon is a virtual time machine whose every inch is energized with life.

Though tropical rainforests cover less than 10% of the Earth's surface, they account for over 50% of its species. One hectare of forest in the Ecuadorian amazon boasts about as many frog species as all of North America, and just one Amazonian tree can host more ant species than all of the British Isles combined. The Amazon Rainforest enthralls any person that has the good fortune of experiencing it's wonders. Let it captivate you too!

Ecuador, with its 2% share of the Amazon (know as the Oriente), provides unparalleled opportunities for experiencing the magic of the rainforest. Not only does it have one of the world's best developed infrastructures for rainforest tourism, but most destinations are accessible within a day's journey from Quito,

Whether you are looking for a luxury lodge with three-course meals and hot showers, a mud-up-to-your-knees trekking and camping adventure, or something in between, Ecuador has a program to meet your needs.

There is no better complement to you trip to the Galapagos Islands like a visit to the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest. We offer a variety of lodges that provide top-notch service and are an excellent introduction to the Amazon Rainforest.

Name / Location Description
Anakonda Amazon Explorer - Amazon Jungle Inquire


Travel on board the M/V Anakonda, the only luxury ship in the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest, and experience the Amazon in a most unique way! Visit the remote and pristine areas where few have had the opportunity to travel, and interact with the region

Napo Wildlife Center - Amazon Jungle Inquire


The Napo Wildlife Center is the most luxurious lodge in the Ecuadorian Amazon. The lodge consists of 16 cabañas and a large dining hall with a library and a well-stocked bar. Attached to the bar is a 50-foot viewing tower from which you can see the Andes on a clear day! To get to the Napo Wildlife Center, guests fly by jet from Quito to the town of Coca on the Napo River. From Coca you will take a motorized, covered canoe for a scenic two-hour trip down the Napo River. Upon arriving at the entrance to the NWC Reserve, we switch to small, dugout canoes and continue paddling up the black water creek to the lake and lodge.

Hamadryade Lodge - Amazon Jungle Inquire


The Hamadryade Lodge is located right in the rainforest and offers a unique chance to fully appreciate the Amazonian experience. Every night the tranquil sounds of the jungle will guarantee you have a relaxing night’s sleep. Each suite-bungalow is a tribute to the mysterious cultures of various Amazonian ethnic groups providing a fusion of traditional and modern design.

La Casa Del Suizo - Amazon Jungle Inquire


La Casa del Suizo is located on the banks of the Napo River next to an indigenous community. It is surrounded by beautiful Amazonian landscapes.

La Selva Lodge - Amazon Jungle Inquire


Winner of the Ecotourism Award from the World Congress on Tourism and the Environment, La Selva Lodge sits high on Garzacocha Lake. The cabanas are constructed in the comfortable traditional native design. The delicious food is the pride of the lodge. There are a variety of excursions offered by the lodge with an English-speaking guide to explain the magnificent flora and fauna in the Amazon. La Selva is near a network of trails, a 135-foot observation tower and a large butterfly farm. The combinations of adventures are limitless. There is something for every person

Manatee Amazon Explorer - Amazon Jungle Inquire


Experience the unmatched biodiversity of the Amazon Rainforest with our Manatee Amazon Explorer Cruise. The rainforest is home to a diversity of flora and fauna species unknown in any other part of the world. Howler monkeys perch high in the tree tops feeding on a rich diet of insects only found in the Amazon. Birds of unimaginable color and diversity fill the rainforest canopy including macaws, parrots, hawks and the great harpy eagles. The magnificent rivers of this region are the lifeblood of these birds. The rivers are also home to caimans, fresh water river dolphins, piranhas, catfish and giant paiches. Butterflies of exquisite color, beauty and unusual size are common here as well as the croaking of giant frogs. Things you had only imagined before become a reality in the Amazon Jungle.

Sacha Lodge - Amazon Jungle Inquire


The lodge is found within a 5000-acre private ecological reserve in Ecuador's Amazon region, an accessible yet pristine rainforest sanctuary where you and your family may enjoy a true jungle adventure in safety and comfort. The lodging at Sacha was carefully designed to offer comfort to the traveler yet preserve the environment and rainforest ambience. Guests may also enjoy a raised lookout above the main bar and lounge, which offers a scenic view of Pilchicocha Lake and excellent opportunities to birdwatch.

Yachana Lodge - Amazon Jungle Inquire


Yachana Lodge was built by the Yachana Foundation on more than 405 hectares near the tiny community of Mondaña for the conservation of the Amazon tropical rainforest. Its name comes from an indigenous word that means “a place for learning,” and their aim is to find sustainable solutions to the problems that are facing the Ecuadorian Amazon region. The lodge program provides you with a window into the true reality of life in the Ecuadorian Amazon as well as the chance to experience the culture first hand as the majority of staff are local and indigenous people. As well as hiking, bird watching and canoe trips, guests have the opportunity to visit the Yachana Technical High School and observe the practices of local communities.

Cotococha Lodge - Amazon Jungle Inquire


All of Cotococha´s bungalows are scattered on our 4 hectares of jungle environment, emphasizing quality and coziness for an unforgettable rainforest experience. Four cabins are situated along the rivershore offering some awesome views of the great Napo River.
Electricity is not provided at the bungalows, but Cotococha Amazon Lodge has oil lamps along the paths and at the bungalows, which illuminates the property creating a very romantic atmosphere. Cotococha Lodge has a cozy lounge with a fireplace which offers comfortable seats to read or share your Amazon tour experiences with other travelers. A recent addition to the social areas is a second floor reading area. In the evenings and mornings you can enjoy breathtaking views of sunsets and sunrises which color the skies, waters and the Amazon rainforest.

Hakuna Matata - Amazon Jungle Inquire


At only 10 km from Tena, capital of the absolutely safe Napo Province, this private hacienda of approximately 150 ha is the perfect place to enjoy to the fullest a never-ending series of activities, which this area lends itself to more than any other.

Jamu Lodge - Amazon Jungle Inquire


The Jamu Lodge is located on the Cuyabeno River, 15 minutes downstream from the marvelous Laguna Grande. The lodge offers the choice of a number of different programs that enable you to explore the jungle such as canoe rides to the primary forest or around the lake where you can see exotic trees and plants like orchids, bromeliads, and gardenias. Afterwards you can relax while sitting in a hammock or drinking an exotic cocktail at the bar.

Kapawi Lodge - Amazon Jungle Inquire


Kapawi is one of the most remote, ecologically responsible and culturally sensitive ecolodges in the world. Your visit helps the Achuar people in their work to preserve their nearly two million acres of pristine rainforest in the heart of the Ecuadorian Amazon. Kapawi Ecolodge & Reserve is located in one of the most remote and well protected parts of the Ecuadorian Amazon. Deep in the nearly two million acres of the Achuar people’s territory, Kapawi is accessible only by air—flying in small planes over an unbroken green expanse of rainforest. In addition to consistently receiving high praise for its gracious hospitality, creature comforts, excellent cuisine, and complete menu of activities, Kapawi is also an award winning ecolodge noted for its ecological design and sensitivity, and for its abundance of wildlife and rich biodiversity.

Misahualli Lodge - Amazon Jungle Inquire


The Hosteria Misahualli Jungle Lodge is located among 200 hectares of primary jungle and the area boasts numerous natural attractions. Being an island, it is surrounded by the Misahualli and Napo Rivers that further downstream become the start of the Amazonas River which in turn flows into the Atlantic Ocean at Braz. Led by a bilingual naturalist guide, you can embark on a number of adventures such as a jungle walk, water rafting, a full day biking etc., and enjoy the incomparable nature.

Nicky Lodge - Amazon Jungle Inquire


Nicky Amazon Lodge has – without doubt – the best location of all the lodges in the Cuyabeno National Park. It is situated exactly on the lower part of the Aguarico River. Because of it’s unique location that is further away from the National Park Entrance, it is less likely to run into other Amazon tourists during the excursions. A quiet and peaceful environment is crucial for spotting of all kinds of wildlife.

San Isidro Lodge - Amazon Jungle Inquire


San Isidro Lodge is surrounded by its own 1,300 forest reserve and has built up a reputation for being the pioneer in private conservation and birding/nature tourism on the northeast slope of the Ecuadorian Andes. Just outside your cabin is a mirador lounge where groups can tally bird lists or just sit back and enjoy the breathtaking view of the surrounding hills after a long hike. In the cozy living room of the main house, you can enjoy a local welcome cocktail that is sure to warm you up.

Sani Lodge - Amazon Jungle Inquire


Sani Lodge is truly a one of a kind Ecuadorian ecolodge dedicated to ecotourism, environmental conservation, and community projects in the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador. Sani Lodge is owned and operated by members of the Sani community meaning that with their extensive knowledge of the Amazon wildlife and biodiversity, they can give Sani Lodge guests the true experience of the Ecuadorian Amazon jungle. In addition to providing excellent service to its guests, Sani Lodge participates in community ecotourism - profits from the jungle lodge are reinvested into the community improving the lifes of all who live there.

Wild Sumaco Lodge - Amazon Jungle Inquire


Wild Sumaco Lodge is the perfect destination for anyone seeking great bird watching opportunities and the tranquility of the rainforest in Ecuador's eastern foothills. It has panoramic views reaching across the Rio Pucuno Valley and to the Andes beyond. On clear days the distant snow-covered heights of El Altar, Tungurahua, and Antisana volcanoes glow white against the blue sky. North of the lodge is Sumaco National Park, and often the volcano Sumaco can be seen peeking through the clouds and mist surrounding its heights.

Amazon Dolphin Lodge - Amazon Jungle Inquire


The Amazon Dolphin Lodge is located in the Pañacocha protected forest reserve and is central to a biological corridor linking Yasuní National Park and the Cuyabeno Wildlife Refuge. The lodge got its name from the Amazon river dolphin which can be seen swimming each day. Visitors can enjoy swimming in the lagoon as well as the magic of bird watching as they float along the edges in dugout canoes.

Cuyabeno Lodge - Amazon Jungle Inquire


The Cuyabeno Lodge is the oldest lodge in the Cuayabeno Reserve, and is located on the most beautiful location on the bank of the Great Cuyabeno Lake.

Guango Lodge - Amazon Jungle Inquire


Guango Lodge is a new, small tourist facility on another family property that is surrounded by temperate forest and very birdy flocks. Guango Lodge, about 1 hour away from San Isidro, lies at a higher elevation (about 2,700 meters) on Ecuador's eastern slope, only 11 kms down the main Interoceanica Highway from the town of Papallacta. This area is centered in a zone classified as humid temperate forest, a habitat distinctly different from San Isidro and characterized by its more stunted trees (and thicker canopy), cooler climate, and different bird and plant composition.

Huaorani Lodge - Amazon Jungle Inquire


The Huaorani Lodge is a small lodge which has been designed as an intimate, peaceful and environmentally sustainable place in which to spend time with the Huaorani and experience the richness of their natural environment while ensuring minimum environmental impact. The lodge provides accommodation for a maximum of ten people housed in five comfortable, traditionally built, palm thatched cabins. If you just want to enjoy the jungle, the lodge provides a hammock house on the banks of the Shiripuno River.

Samona Lodge - Amazon Jungle Inquire


The Samona Lodge is located within the protected Cuyabeno Reserve in the north-east of Ecuador - an extensive network of inter-connected lakes, lagoons and rivers covering over 6000 sq. km of pristine, virgin rainforest home to a wealth of fauna. Samona is the perfect choice if you are looking for an incredible rainforest adventure deep in the jungle at a very affordable price, and a great spot for intensive wildlife spotting.

Suchipakari Lodge - Amazon Jungle Inquire


The Suchipakari Lodge is located in the heart of the Amazon Jungle 4 hours from Quito. You can enjoy the wide variety of flora and fauna while you are relaxing in a hammock, winning a game of ping-pong or swimming in the private pool. The lodge also offers a camping area which is completely safe and allows you to become part of the amazing rainforest nature.

Tapir Lodge - Amazon Jungle Inquire


Located in the upper Ecuadorian Amazon region, the Tapir Lodge is within the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve. Building the Tapir Lodge was made possible through a network of partnerships with Siona Community family members and private sponsors. In order to meet highest ecological standards, Tapir Lodge shares access to and profits from the ecotourism activities with the Siona Community. The heart of the jungle is a delicate and unique place. The Tapir Lodge was built with this in mind and offers facilities that have a minimal impact on the environment. For example, we use solar panels as an alternative means of electricity for illumination.

Yarina Lodge - Amazon Jungle Inquire


The Yarina lodge is located a one hour motor canoe ride from Puerto Francisco de Orellana (Coca). To get to the Lodge we take a canoe up the Río Napo. Yarina, the Quichua name for the tagua palm tree, is considered one of the most unique place in this region. The 450 hectares of primary forest that surrounds the lodge provide abundant opportunities to enjoy the flora and fauna of the Ecuadorian jungle. Walking the different paths of our reserve, you will learn about the most popular plants used by the indigenous Quichuas to heal many sicknesses from our experienced naturalist guides. The hikes also provide an opportunity for bird watching and possibly spotting armadillos, monkeys, snakes, and caimans.

Yasuni Kichwa Ecolodge - Amazon Jungle Inquire


The Yasuní­ experience is a life-changing opportunity to be one with nature. Long walks amidst a cornucopia of medicinal plants, lifetime inspiration of local shaman and home to innumerable species of creatures big and small can be coupled with a relaxing dip in the pristine waters of lakes and rivers, meditation on sacred grounds or climbing up a gigantic emerging tree 100 years of age. Visiting Yasuní Kichwa Eco Lodge is an opportunity to engage in a most-extreme cultural exchange program, with a unique society a world apart from any contemporary lifestyle, but who’s worldview is universal and will always be a meeting point between all opposing realities.

Combining an Amazon Tour with your Galapagos Cruise

It's safe to assume a few things about a Galapagos visitor. The Galapagos are extremely remote, so it takes a dedicated traveler to get there in the first place. Galapagos is known for wildlife: it's a zoo without walls and many Galapagos visitors are animal lovers. The Galapagos appeal to budget and high-end travelers alike and the Galapagos tourism industry there has a very good reputation. Finally, the Galapagos are not for those who want to relax on a beach: this "off the beaten path" destination is rugged and challenging.

So if you're an adventurous, wildlife-loving traveler who's not afraid to go out of his or her way to see something really special, I've got some good news for you! Ecuador is not only home to the legendary Galapagos Islands, but also the deep green jungle of the Amazon rainforest. A trip extension into the rainforest is easy to arrange and a truly unforgettable complement to your Galapagos journey.

The Amazon is the largest tropical rainforest in the world and is home to a significant percentage of the world's wildlife and plant species. The forest teems with life, from the leaf-cutter ants on the ground to the parrots in the air. A single hectare of Amazon rainforest may be home to thousands of different species of plants, hundreds of insects and dozens of reptiles, amphibians and mammals. The Ecuadorian rainforest in particular is noted for birds: of the 9,000 or so birds that are known to science, some 1,500 of them are native to Ecuador. Many of those birds make their home in the rainforest.

The rainforest itself is a dense, living jungle. The rivers are fast, the air is humid and the thick green canopy dims the sunlight. The abundance of life makes for intense competition: plants grow on top of one another, clamoring for sunlight. Drop a banana peel on the ground and it will be gone within hours, carried off by ants and beetles for food. The treetops are alive with birds, monkeys and butterflies. Timeless cultures such as the Achuar people still live, hunt and fish the same way they have for millennia.


Ecuador's rainforest tourism industry is well developed and known for good service. Most of the animals live deep in the jungle, far from the cities, and therefore most visitors opt for a multi-day stay at one of the many remote rainforest lodges. A minimum stay is three days/two nights, but it's better to stay a little longer and fully take in the jungle. The lodges range from fairly inexpensive thatched-roof cabins to air-conditioned luxury camps with swimming pools and internet access.

However many stars your hotel has, a day in the jungle is similar everywhere. The lodges have guides, often natives who speak Spanish and English in addition to the local dialect. The guides lead informative hikes, pointing out medicinal plants, spotting camouflaged animals and treating visitors to special jungle experiences, such as snacking on lemon-flavored ants! Guided boat and canoe rides on the rivers and lakes are also popular: at night you can often see caimans, a relative of the alligator. On guided night hikes, you may see bats, scorpions and other fascinating insects and animals!

Many lodges make a point of giving back to the local community, hoping that tourism will replace other less sustainable industries such as hunting animals and birds to sell as pets. Some of these lodges are all or partly owned by the local community and the profits go to schools and social programs. Most lodges will at the very least offer tours of local communities.

Galapagos Travel Center works only with the most reputable lodges in Ecuador. Some of these lodges have decades of experience and have provided unforgettable experiences to thousands of visitors. The lodges vary according to price, location and level of comfort: you can even book a trip on a floating hotel which cruises up and down the Napo River (a tributary to the Amazon)!

Don't let the adventure end in the Galapagos...see your Galapagos Travel Center representative about an extension into the mighty Amazon!

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