Ecuador’s Avenue of Volcanos is perhaps one of the most characteristic sights to behold in the Andes Mountains. World-famous for their impressive beauty and long revered by ancient cultures for their incredible forces, the Ecuadorian volcanos are truly magnificent. Rising to lofty heights, many of them are covered with snowcaps of tropical glaciers.

The active volcanos in the Ecuadoran Andes wondrously display the creative and destructive forces that shape our world. Recently two of these colossal volcanos, Reventador and Tungurahua, have been kept under orange alert due to their increased volcanic activity.

Reventador is located on the eastern side of the Andes on the Amazonian side. It is not in a location with much population, but as recently as 2002, a large column of ash was emitted from Reventador which the wind carried over to Quito about 90 kilometers from the volcano. Visitors travelling from Quito to the Amazon region may be fortunate enough to see unforgettable views of Reventador rising into the equatorial sky.

Tungurahua has been active since 1999. This volcano is located in its namesake province. The tourist destination of Baños is located near the base of Tungurahua. Although in an eruptive period, the town of Baños has not been affected by Tungurahua, and detailed precautionary plans have been made for any incidental evacuation or other emergency situations that may arise.

Ecuador is a dynamic land shaped by volcanos which is teeming with life and diversity. When you visit Ecuador, you can see firsthand how the astonishing forces of nature have created a country unlike any other. From the volcanic archipelago of the Galapagos Islands to the Andes to the Amazon, there is something for everyone to discover in Ecuador. Plan your adventure today



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