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The International World Travel Awards Association on December 3 voted Ecuador the World´s Leading Green Destination. This award is important not only because it gives credit to the entire country of Ecuador for its impeccable natural beauty …  

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But it gives accreditation to the country for its hospitality, tourism and travel. Ecuador´s rainforests and beaches were considered alongside places like Norway and its Northern Lights, the Fiji Islands and their archipelago and coral reefs, the pink sandy beaches of Trinidad and Tobago- among many others. While the whole country of Ecuador was given the award, they owe much thanks to the beautiful and pristine islands of the Galapagos. A highly demanded tourist attraction filled with unrequited nature, animals and wildlife. The Galapagos Islands didn´t leave the International World Travel Awards committee much choice when they deemed Ecuador 2013´s World Leading Green Destination. Come and see for yourself why Ecuador is at the top of yet another list. Contact a Trip Advisor at Galapagos Travel Center to help you.  It will be evident once you arrive, why Ecuador is the #1 country to visit, retire, live and now one of the world´s nature destinations.

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