Beneath the waters of the Galapagos Islands is a fascinating world of underwater marvels. The convergence of ocean currents from distant corners of the world have brought an extremely unique variety of marine life to the Galapagos Islands. Such diversity and the pristine qualities of the waters surrounding the islands make the Galapagos an unforgettable destination.

The ocean waters surrounding the islands are protected as the second largest marine reserve in the world. Snorkelers and divers in the islands never cease to be amazed by the wonders below the sea found no place other than the Galapagos Islands. From the coral reefs to the mangrove lagoons, the Galapagos waters are teeming with marine creatures.

Such diversity in the islands’ waters is sustained by the nutrient rich content carried to the islands by the cold water ocean currents. These same cold currents from the south brought Antarctic species like the fur sea lions and penguins to the tropical archipelago increasing the uniqueness of biodiversity displayed in the Galapagos.

Many varieties of marine species are well represented in the Galapagos. The assortment of colorful fish includes different types of sharks including whale sharks (which are the largest fish on the planet) and hammerheads, manta rays, angelfish, butterflyfish, surgeonfish, and seahorses.

Also dwelling in the ocean depths are so many species of corals, sponges, sea stars, sea cucumbers, clams, octopuses, sea slugs, worms, and crustaceans. Visitors often see bright red-colored Sally Lightfoot crabs on the beaches. Galapagos green sea turtles are beautiful and serene marine reptiles commonly seen in the islands as well.

When you visit the Galapagos Islands, you will be sure to discover an underwater world as colorful and unique as you could have ever imagined. Divers can take a designated diving cruise to the remote parts of the archipelago like Darwin and Wolf Islands where they can encounter the peaceful giant whale sharks in person!

Plan your Galapagos holiday today, and bring your underwater fantasies to life. Snorkel and swim in the company of multicolored tropical fish. Explore the rich coral reef ecosystems, and splash in the waves with penguins and sea lions. Our trip advisors will help you book your dream vacation in the islands, and you can experience the one of a kind underwater marine life for yourself.

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