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When choosing a tour for Ecuador and the Galapagos it’s important to understand the options available for your journey. The country is incredibly diverse, with the Galapagos, the Andes, and the jungle within a day’s journey from the capital, Quito.

At the end of the day, the price, the amount of time available and the way you choose to travel will weigh in heavily on the tour you choose. While this may be the case, there are some factors specific to the different regions of Ecuador that should also be priorities.

The Galapagos

Options for tours in the Galapagos are many, cruises and land tours are the tip of the iceberg with various activity specific choices to choose from for each.

Beneath the seas lie a playground for their creatures and divers alike. Above the waters and on the horizon are scenes that photographers flock towards to catch the perfect shot of the many creatures that come out each day. On land there are volcanoes to hike, trails to bike and beaches to explore.

The Jungle

The jungle also offers a wide variety of options for travel. There are tours to remote lodges lasting anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Each lodge has guides with specific knowledge of their region and the animals that live there. With the vast amount of birds, insects, mammals and other wildlife living within the confines of the forest, make a list of what you are most interested in seeing and ask about the best way to find them when calling about a tour.

The Andes

Ecuador´s rugged highlands are full of adventure for the active explorer. There are volcanoes to climb, historic haciendas to explore and rural markets to stroll through. Tours can be arranged around any of these activities, combining all of them if needed.

When planning a trip to Ecuador take some time to research the specific activities you would like to do and the areas that you would like to visit. More often than not, a journey to the jungle can easily compliment a trip to the Galapagos within a limited time frame. For the outdoor enthusiast, a two day hike up a volcano in the Andes can be combined with a white water rafting trip a short distance away.

How to Choose a Tour for Ecuador and the Galapagos?
Talk to one of the Galapagos Travel Center’s travel experts today to explore what tours we can arrange for your next trip to Ecuador.



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