The Galapagos Islands are home to a diverse array of species, many of which are endemic […]
galapagos islands birds
Galapagos Shore Birds Many resident shore birds of the Galapagos are now sufficiently different from mainland […]
charles darwin origin of the species adventure galapagos evolution ecuador vacations travel
“In a few days time the Beagle will sail for the Galapagos Islands. I look forward […]
iguana galapagos ecuador sports vacation travel trip tour
Visitors to the Galapagos Islands will hear their guides talk about three different types of animals […]
It’s a commonly asked question: When is the best time to go to Galapagos? There are […]
galapagos-happines travel love cruises vacations galapagosislands
The continental mainland is crossed by the Andes Mountains and bordered by Peru, Colombia and the Pacific […]
racer snake galapagos snake ecuador travel vacation tour
The Galapagos Islands is a magical place that welcomes many species, the majority of them being […]
In the middle of the Galapagos Islands coat of arms is the image of a tortoise, […]
royal frigatebird galapagos hotel cruises vacations travel birds wildlife ecuador
When is a Royal magnificent? We’re not talking about some stand-out European prince or princess here […]
Of all the sea animals perhaps sea lions are the most playful and the Galapagos Sea Lion is […]
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