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Galapagos Family Tours

The Galapagos not only offers something for everyone but often offers an activity that everyone in the family can do and get equal enjoyment out of together all at the same time. There is a good mix of activities from boat rides, to easy strolls along beaches, slightly harder hikes inland and more challenging hikes to the tops of lookouts. There is simply no better place on Earth than the Galapagos for kids (of all ages) to get so close to so many species of animals safely in the wild.

"Dear Veronica, Our family had a great time on the Odyssey. Our guide and crew were very professional and knowledgeable.", Mather's Family, USA.
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On some products displayed on our site, you will find this icon: , meaning these are family friendly Galapagos tour services. Please feel free to inquire about the different tour options and charters in the Galapagos Islands that are certified family-friendly:

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Galapagos Islands for Kids

Never heard of the Galapagos Islands, but your parents are taking you on a vacation this year?

Don't worry! You'll have a total blast!

You can do all of these amazing things in the Galapagos, and see animals that don't exist anywhere else in the whole world.

Tell your friends you are going to see a tortoise bigger than your desk, and that you'll be following in pirates' footprints, and even see the famous “blue-footed booby birds” - yes, their feet are actually blue!.

Our amazing new program, “Treasure Chasers” is geared towards kids just like you! It's jam packed with cool stuff to keep you busy, and fun stuff to do while you are on your Galapagos tour.

Hope to see you soon!

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