Multi-Sport Galapagos Tours

We are so grateful that one of our tours was chosen as one of the select few to be featured in Runaway Suitcase’s 20 Most Adventurous Tours in the World. 

Check out the article here:
20 Most Adventurous Tours in the World

Galapagos is truly a place unlike anywhere in the world, and our Galapagos Islands Multi-Sport Tour is one-of-a-kind! Kayak, mountain bike, snorkel, and more on this tour that will give you a whole new perspective of Galapagos. It’s the ultimate adventure that also allows you to see all the unique animals and landscapes of the islands. 

Galapagos Travel Center is here to help you easily find your perfect tour, whether it be something more adventurous, like our Multi-Sport Tour, or something more relaxing, we will find the trip that best suits all your needs!



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