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The Galapagos Islands are well known as a worldwide mecca for scuba divers, but what is often lost is the fact that you do not need to be SCUBA certified to enjoy the dazzling marine wildlife. Snorkeling is a great way to see the wonders of the sea and is enjoyable for all age.

The Galapagos is teeming with marine life and a lucky snorkeler might have a close encounter with anything from a hammerhead shark to a penguin, an octopus to a diving booby or sea lion.

Almost all snorkelers are certain to see many common reef fish, such as parrotfish, brightly colored wrasses and schools of surgeonfish. Stingrays are very common. Look for them in sandy areas near the shore. Sea turtles are also a common sight. The best way to increase your chance of seeing one is to look for seaweed beds where they might be feeding.

Lucky snorkelers will see white-tip reef sharks, the most common in the Galapagos, in deeper waters. Spotted eagle and manta rays also like deeper waters. Sharp-eyed snorkelers might see one of several varieties of disguised fish such as frogfish and scorpion fish blending into their colorful surroundings.
It is your turn to be dazzled by the superb underwater life in the Galapagos! Ask one of our knowledgeable trip advisors about snorkeling on your cruise. Begin planning your once-in-a-lifetime Galapagos adventure today.
If you have an underwater camera, be sure to bring it. The Galapagos has many wonderful opportunities for underwater photographers.



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