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Galapagos On-line Booking FAQs

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Q: Does my credit card get charged right away?

A: No, once we receive your booking we double check the availability before charging your credit card. Once we confirm that we have spots, then we will charge your card, which could take up to 24 hours. After we get the spots and charge the payment, we will send you an email with all the details of your booking.

Q: Why am I paying more if I am traveling alone?

A:Most of the cruises have double cabins, not single cabins, but when you book online there is the option for a single cabin. However, pricing is calculated per person, not per cabin. So, when you book a double cabin for just one person, you have to pay a single supplement. There is an option to share a cabin if you are willing, simply and ask about shared tours on cruises.

Q: Why am I paying more if there are 3 people traveling?

A:There are only a few cruises with triple occupancy options. When looking online, this triple occupancy option is not available since it is not common. Please for more information about this option.

Q: Do kids pay less?

A:Yes, kids have a special discount, but it depends on each boat. When booking, let us know the number of kids, under the age of 12, that you will be traveling with. Please note that if there is already a special promotion on a tour, a kids discount may not apply.

Q: Are all fees and taxes included in my payment?

A:No, there are some extra fees that you need to pay: the Transit Control Card (migration card) before taking your flight to the Galapagos Islands, and the Galapagos National Park Entrance Fee once you land in the Islands. These fees are not included in the price, and most tours do not include these in their prices.

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Q: I cannot process my payment, what can I do?

A:Please contact one of our trip advisors, or you can chat online with us for special assistance.

Q: Will I get written proof of my purchase?

A:Yes, once you have booked online and we have charged your credit card, one of our trip advisors will contact you, and he or she will send you all the documents that you need for your trip to the Galapagos Islands.

Q: What are your cancellation policies?

A:Here you can read the details of our cancellation policies here.

Q: Once onboard, are there other expenses for me or is everything included?

A:Each cruise has specific details on what is included and not included onboard. You can check this information with your trip advisor, or on our website using the name of the boat.

Q: Can I just pay a deposit now?

A:Yes, you can make the first deposit of 30% of the total amount now, and the rest of the full balance (70%) 60 days before the cruise departure. However, if you book online, you have to pay the full amount all at once. Please contact one of our trip advisors if you prefer to only pay 30% of your total reservation right now.

Q: How to use our Booking system?

A:First, you will choose your travel dates, cruise, itinerary, and the number of people. Then you have to choose a cabin and the accommodation type (twin beds or king size bed). The system will show you all your options, and you will choose your tour. After, you will fill out your personal information then enter your credit card information. You will receive the booking confirmation to your email after your payment.

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Q: How can I contact you right now?

A:Please feel free call us:
Toll Free USA/CAN: 1-800-811-4037, Ecuador Office: +593-2-6020-851, or write to us using the online chat.

Q: What if I change my mind after the purchase?

A:Once we charge the payment to your credit card, the cancellation policies will apply. We recommend you contact your trip advisor for any further questions. Our policies are found here.

Q: How do your advertised promotions work?

A:The promotions are applied automatically in our system.

Q: Can I add another traveler after I booked a cruise with you?

A:Yes, if you want to add another traveler you can ask your trip advisor to double check availability, and they will help you.

Q: Why can't I select a particular cabin or its place in the boat?

A:If there is availability, you can select a cabin and the accommodation type, and let your trip advisor know. However, if the boat only has a few spaces, a cabin may automatically be assigned to you.

Q: Where can I view the cruise itinerary for a particular boat and date?

A:When you select a specific date for a boat, the next page will show you more information on that specific boat (itinerary, photos, and other technical specifications). If you need more detailed information about the chosen boat you can go to this link, where you can find all cruise options and information on all boats.

Q: Why can’t I choose my Galapagos flight dates and route?

A:You cannot choose your flight because we have to check the availability based on your preferences, travel dates, route, and cruise itinerary.

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Planning my Trip:

Q: How can I tell you about my food restrictions and special requirements?

A:Once you book your trip, a trip advisor will contact you and ask you about allergies, food restrictions, or any other important information.

Q: Can I charter the whole boat?

A:Yes, you can charter the whole boat, we just have to check availability. Please contact one of our trip advisors for charter options.

Q: I can’t find the boat I like, what can I do?

A:Please let us know the name of the boat and your travel dates. It is possible that the boat does not have availability for your travel dates, but we can check for you or give you other options.

Q: Should I purchase my own travel insurance or is this included?

A:We do not include travel insurance in the rates because we do not offer our own travel insurance. We recommend our passengers to purchase this on their own.

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Q: Can I extend my stay in Galapagos?

A:Of course, we recommend you book any extra service with us. We can coordinate everything for you, and also change the dates for your domestic flights after or before the cruise.

Q: Can you arrange other tours for me before/after my Galapagos cruise?

A:Yes, we can help you book a trip extension in Ecuador and/or Peru; you can ask your trip advisor for a quote. Please use the following link to check some trip extensions.

Q: Can I fly from Quito and return to Guayaquil?

A:Yes, we can help you select and book any flight route you prefer.

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