When trying to figure out the best time to buy your Galapagos tour there are a few things to keep in mind.

The number one suggestion is to always try to buy early, as there are lots of people who want to visit Galapagos National Park, but there is limited space.           

If you want to travel to Galapagos during Christmas or New Year’s:

Christmas and New Year’s are the most popular times to travel to the Galapagos Islands. Most people who plan their trips for this time of year are planning their trips more than a year in advance, as these spaces are usually the first to go for the whole year.

During these holidays is a great time of year to go, as you have more free time with family and friends and the weather in Galapagos is starting to get warmer. This is a great time to see tons of animals wandering around visitor sites and the land and water temperatures are perfect.

So if you want to travel during this amazing time of year, start looking for and planning your tour about a year and a half before your trip, so you can book about a year before your trip.

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If you want to travel to Galapagos in June, July, or August:

The summer months are also a very popular time for families (with kids) to visit Galapagos.

Life on the Islands is booming, tons of birds are nesting and are very visible at visitor sites. During these months it’s also a great time to see marine animals, such as whales, that have migrated to Galapagos for these months.

So, we recommended the same planning and booking schedule for Christmas and New Years, but with a little more flexibility since the timeframe here is a little larger.

Try to plan your tour a little more than a year before and book a little less than a year before your summer trip.

If you want a Galapagos discount or Galapagos promotion:

If you want to get a discount or participate in a promotion for your Galapagos tour, we recommend taking advantage of these when you see them.

The good thing about discounts and promotions is that you can usually choose when you want to travel. So be sure to learn more about the best time for you to travel, based on what you want to see, whether it’s birds nesting, baby sea lions, hammerhead sharks, or any other amazing creature..

Discounts and promotions for Galapagos trips are VERY UNCOMMON so when you find one, book your trip as soon as possible! Galapagos Travel Center is known for having great promotions, so keep an eye out on the home page.

Try to do some research beforehand so you have an idea of what type of tour you want, so you’re ready to book once the promotion pops up.

If you just want to travel to Galapagos when there is availability:

Having flexibility really broadens your options and you’re more likely to score an exclusive Galapagos deal. There are sometimes last-minute deals, which are easy to find if you know where to look.

If you’re open to traveling when you can get a great deal, great news for you! Since the islands are located on the equator, there is animal activity year round and there’s really not a bad time to visit the Islands.

Try this page to see the largest collection of last-minute Galapagos tour deals to get amazing discounts for trips in the coming weeks, which is updated daily.

Generally, the best time to buy your Galapagos tour is at the beginning of the year when spaces fill up fast as most people plan and buy months/years in advance. Don’t lose your spot, contact us to start planning your trip now!



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